Why you should move to Malta

Malta has always been a popular destination for British people moving outside of the UK, as they discover all that Malta has to offer. It is also a good place to buy investment property.

Malta is an EU country with a sunny Mediterranean climate and a low cost of living. It offers a very attractive standard of living, a stable economy, low crime rate and an excellent health care service. Its diverse and active social life caters for all ages, with many cultural events held throughout the year, most of them in English. Good food and wine is important to the Maltese people and the island has a vast array of restaurants for all tastes and pockets. It has 7,000 years of history for you to immerse yourself in.

164 years of British rule have left their mark on the island. English remains one of the two official languages and almost everyone speaks English fluently. Driving is on the same side of the road as the UK and Malta also uses the same three-pin rectangular plug system. There are daily and weekly flights to over 10 airports in the UK, as well as to a range of other European destinations.

There is a good choice of property available in Malta, from apartments in vibrant towns to villas and rural retreats. The property market is very stable, offering steady capital growth.

Last but not least, Malta offers a favourable income tax regime for foreign nationals, which in most cases would mean you pay less tax than you do in the UK. There are no rates or council taxes in Malta.

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